Using Elm within VueJS

Using Elm within VueJS Lately I have been using VueJS a lot. It’s an easy framework to learn and gets results quickly. There is an optional Typescript package to get some much needed typesafety. Overall, I’m pretty happy with it. However, the templates in Vue are where the typesafety breaks down. Typescript just has no way of knowing what’s happening in there, whereas it does have support for JSX/TXS and will supply you with type information in e. »

Upgrade js dependencies with yarn

A quick trick to upgrade the javascript dependencies in your project. Use the command $ yarn upgrade-interactive It will show you an interface to select the packages you want to upgrade. The packages listed in red would be upgraded when you would execute the $ yarn upgrade command. Yellow packages are semver incompatible, meaning that they may be incompatible with your code. Extra caution is needed when upgrading those. You can use space to select the packages, press enter to install them. »

Adding Elm to a Rails 5.1 application

Note: Webpacker update Although this tutorial will still work it has been superseded by the addition of Elm to the webpacker gem. See this commit and the entry in the README. The end result is nearly the same. Adding Elm to a Rails 5.1 application The release of Rails 5.1 ( brought some interesting changes for frontend development. Most notably is that it comes with yarn, a tool to manage your javascript dependencies from NPM. »